Kardon Center for Arts Therapy

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Piano lessons at Settlement
Music Therapy

Engaging with music experiences, which may include playing instruments, singing, songwriting, and moving and/or listening to music to support individuals in working towards individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship.

Dance/Movement Therapy

Uses the body and movement, including dance, stretching, using props, focusing on breathing, and even stillness to achieve mental, emotional, physical, cognitive and social goals.

Art Therapy

Utilizing visual arts to engage multiple sensory systems and support individuals in addressing emotional, social, physical, cognitive and psychological goals.

Laura Cerulli, Zausmer Program Manager, Kardon Center for Arts Therapy

Questions about our programming or how to register? Contact Laura Cerulli at laura.ceruli@settlementmusic.org or 215-320-2625

Meet our Therapists

Our expert therapists work to connect deeply with clients of all ages. Learn more about the therapists that you can work with!

“To say we’ve enjoyed your groups is an understatement. What you do is different from anything we’ve seen.” Kardon Center for Arts Therapy Client Family

"I really look forward to this group. I'm glad to be able to gather online because I can't see anyone in person because of my weakened immune system. This group means a lot to me. Thank you." Kardon Center for Arts Therapy Client

"[Creative arts therapy] has given me the inspiration to realize that I'm more creative than I give myself credit for... I look forward to coming to your group and talking together. It's inspired me to do art projects with my five-year-old grandson and share my love of art and creativity with him." Kardon Center for Arts Therapy Client

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