Request for Proposal (RFP)

Project Manager

RFP Issued: February 10, 2022

The Kaleidoscope Preschool at Settlement Music School is issuing this RFP to retain an experienced Project Manager to coordinate the various operational aspects of KWEST Arts, which is process of developing a digital, widely accessible, scalable, research based, arts-integrated, pre-school methodology that will be made available for market.  This contract will be awarded as soon as possible, with work to begin as early as March of 2022.



Founded in 1908, Settlement Music School, a non-profit organization, is one of the largest community schools of the arts in the United States and serves children and adults of all ages. Settlement Music School is an inclusive creative community, dedicated to providing the highest quality arts education for all. Regardless of age, background, ability, or economic circumstances, there is a place for all at Settlement. We offer 10,000 services every week in music, dance, and arts therapy at our branch locations across the Philadelphia region, online, and through dozens of community partnerships across the region, and are proud to offer financial aid to more than 60% of our student population, ages 6 months to 96 years. Today, Settlement continues the principles of its Founders, that there be no barriers to participating in music and arts education.

Settlement’s Mission

With over 200 degreed faculty members and arts therapists, a dedicated staff, and an engaged board, our mission is to provide the highest quality instruction in music and the related arts to children and adults.

Kaleidoscope Preschool

Kaleidoscope, a NAEYC accredited, Keystone Stars 4, Head Start preschool, offers a high quality, arts integrated, affordable PreK program that prepares children for kindergarten. Kaleidoscope’s artist teachers have a 30-year history of working with diverse preschool faculty to integrate daily visual art, music, and creative movement classes to enhance standard language, literacy, math, science, and social/cultural learning and thereby improve outcomes.

The Teacher Training Institute for the Arts has provided 20 years of workshops where our Kaleidoscope faculty share their expertise in arts integration with early childhood providers.  A peer-reviewed research study about the Kaleidoscope method stated that, with arts integration, students had three times more vocabulary attainment than at a control pre-K. Other studies show that students in our program report feeling more pride, happiness, and interest in learning – key indicators for readiness.


Goal and Vision

Ultimately, we want all children to have a better chance of success.  This means lengthening our reach beyond the walls of Kaleidoscope and the Teacher Training Institute.  We wish to take our highly successful, research proven method of integrating art into existent curricula, codify it, and transform it into a digital model – so diverse classrooms of all sizes and resource levels have access to these tools.

Our 30 years of experience, as well as research, has shown that arts integration improves outcomes for students, and that it can be overlaid onto existing curricula. We also know that many centers, especially smaller or home-based centers, do not use published curriculum due to the cost.  With 6 of 10 children not ready for kindergarten*, solutions need to be found to support providers, particularly those who have been historically disadvantaged.

We have seen the happiness and success of our preschoolers over the past 30 years.  We know that we can do more.  High quality content fostering school readiness should be made accessible to all students, regardless of their background or the size of their centers. More providers need tools for success, and Kaleidoscope has the knowledge and experience to support these providers. Truly, Kaleidoscope Wants Everyone Succeeding Together, through Arts integration (KWEST Arts).

*Source: A Matter of Equity:

Current Resources

We have the expertise of our current Kaleidoscope staff, led by Executive Director Tarrell Davis, as well as a bank of resource videos created during quarantine.  We also have secured funding to launch this project, including hiring experts, filming videos, and creating a workable digital platform. Along with the Project Manager, Curriculum and Business Development consultants will also be hired.

Project Details

Project Duration: Feb 2022-August 2023, with an option for further engagement

Estimated Total Budget: $600-800,000



Project Manager Goals: The ideal Project Manager will coordinate with the project team to:

Goal 1: Gain understanding of project and goals, coordinate, and lead meeting with all players to gain fuller understanding and create a collaboratively based project plan. Launch project
Goal 2: Monitor work progress and ensure project meets budgets and deadlines.
Goal 3: Finalize production of digitally based model to work with various curricula or providers

Scope of Work

  • Coordinate operational aspects of the project in collaboration with Kaleidoscope or Settlement staff and team members including, but not limited to, beta testers, researchers, and consultants
  • Serve as point of contact for all players, keeping everyone informed and up to date
  • Create long and short term plans, including setting milestones and adhering to deadlines with the knowledge on how to adjust as project financing or needs change
  • Create communication management strategy to ensure collaboration and inclusion of all types of feedback across a variety of delivery formats and learning environments and with sensitivity to a diversity of cultures, education, and resource levels
  • Track Budget and develop cost effective solutions as needed
  • Identify where dilemmas between educators and marketing ideals may clash and facilitate bridging the gap between these areas by communicating effectively with both
  • Apply best practices to ensure project runs consistently and any risks are clearly communicated
  • Delegate tasks and perform quality control
  • Maintain integrity of solutions along with marketability of the product.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 5+ years of project management experience; with particular focus on coordinating and communicating with diverse groups
  • Bachelor’s Degree/Related Experience in Business, Management, or related field
  • History of success in leadership, interpersonal skills, delegation, and time management
  • Experience creating plans, setting targets, and motivating groups to meet milestones
  • Early Childhood background/expertise a plus
  • Availability to work during needed hours with the ability to travel to various sites and attend and lead planning meetings
  • Commitment and alignment with Settlement Music School mission and values as well as the values of the project as to consistently integrate this final product


Pre-Proposal Meeting

All interested respondents must send an email indicating interest and a request to schedule a pre-proposal meeting by contacting Tarrell Davis,, Executive Director of Early Childhood Programming.  Please also copy  This meeting will clarify the intent and approach of the work.

Form and Submission of Proposal

Proposals should be submitted within a week of the pre-proposal meeting via email by March 1st, to Tarrell Davis, Executive Director of Early Childhood Programming.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Experience and Expertise: Submit detailed information addressing Project Manager’s experience and expertise, particularly as it pertains to similar projects.
  • Resume and references: Submit current resume and significant professional information and at least three professional references.