Orchestra rehearsal at Settlement


A McBride Scholar and Bryn Mawr College Alum, Eileen Liebowitz has taught both piano and mixed ensemble at Settlement Music School for over four decades. A protégé of pianists Charles Engel and the legendary Natalie Hinderas, she also studied violin with Lillian Cinberg and counterpoint with Walter Burle Marx. As a frequent travelling companion of Natalie Hinderas, she often served as an additional set of eyes and ears for Hinderas, whether in rehearsal or at performance, in a role that afforded her unparalleled opportunities for the close observation of countless musicians: a notable array of prominent conductors, a diversity of solo and chamber artists, some of the most exuberant and accomplished black classical composers extant after the Harlem Renaissance, and at the colleges, an endlessly interesting assortment of academics.

One of the very first Settlement mainstream teachers to contribute to the school’s groundbreaking Manual for the teaching of children with disabilities and to thereby participate, as it were, in its concurrent founding of the Kardon Institute, Eileen Liebowitz quickly found herself inspired by and inspiring to a whole new set of students.

Undoubtedly, music is central to her existence, but an entire panoply of the arts is indispensable to Eileen Liebowitz as well. She has won prizes for poetry in several national competitions, collects museum-quality art, haunts film and film courses at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute; and while she would never wish her Steinway to lie too far beyond her ken, a well-stocked library, warm in winter and cool in summer, seems to represent the very essence of joy.

Education: Bryn Mawr College

Specialties: Piano

Divisions: Music