Emily Larkin is a Board Certified Art Therapist and graduate of Drexel University’s Creative Arts Therapy Master’s program. She currently provides therapeutic art groups to families residing at Philadelphia’s Ronald McDonald House, while also working full time as the Assistant Director of Adjunctive Therapies at a local Psychiatric Hospital. She encourages patients to use art making as a form of self-expression as well as a non-verbal means of creating deeper connection with the self ; all of which serves to build the larger community. Emily studied Hatha Yoga in Dharamsala, India and incorporates mindfulness, meditation, and grounding in her art therapy practice. Increasing the mind-body connection through art making invites participants to tune in to the physical cues related to emotions such as anxiety and depression. Emily is passionate about approaching creating art as an exploratory process in which each person holds the ability to create their own unique and meaningful path.

Education: Drexel University, MA Creative Arts Therapy

Specialties: Art Therapy

Divisions: Art Therapy