Kaleidoscope Faculty

Assistant Teacher

Felecia Williamson is an Assistant Teacher at Settlement Music School’s Kaleidoscope Pre-K program. She has a Child Development Associate accreditation. After having three children of her own, she fell into the field of early childhood education by a fluke opportunity in 2003. She realized from day one that she wanted to do nothing else and began to take classes and trainings to obtain the knowledge and skills to become a better teacher and co-worker and to continue to improve as a person both in and out of the classroom. She loves working at Settlement Music School and the Kaleidoscope program because it has allowed her to come in contact with so many families from all walks of life. She has never worked alongside people who were so compassionate and focused on their work.

Education: Child Development, AA

Specialties: Kaleidoscope Pre-K (PS 3)

Divisions: Early Childhood

Locations: Mary Louise Curtis Branch