Romain Diaz is a licensed professional counselor who holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Drexel University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from The Pennsylvania State University in Kinesiology. She specializes in Dance and Movement Psychotherapy.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Romain has worked diligently with individuals, groups and families as the Primary Psychotherapist in the all-female trauma unit in a psychiatric hospital. Romain also works with children on the spectrum in a elementary school where she facilitates dance movement therapy sessions with kids ages 7-9.

Her passion for working with children and adolescents, as well as her deep understanding of mind, body, and spirit interconnectedness, drive her success in helping others experience the healing power of movement. Romain has spearheaded the development of family therapy psycho-education and specialized therapy groups to help patients transition to their home and communities after hospitalization.

Romain currently serves as Vice President of Overbrook Preschool and Kindergarten. She is also a student relations officer for Black American and African Descendants (BAAD) Affinity Group. The goal of which is to unit, organize and support black dance/movement therapy students and professionals in an effort to develop an approach consistent with the experience of Black people.

Specialties: Dance/Movement Therapy

Divisions: Arts Therapy