Central & Branch Boards

Central Board


Ellen S. Friedell, Chair
Bruce Leto, President
Nate Bronstein, Vice President
Guissou Dabiri, Vice President
Mary Beth Kramer, Vice President
Barbara Menin, Vice President
Kenneth Weiner, Vice President
Kevin Cunningham, Treasurer
Brian Pinheiro, Assistant Treasurer
Andrew Eisenstein, Secretary
David Connor, Assistant Secretary


Dana Brown
Jane Greenfield
Justin Klein
Jeffrey Levinsohn
Jeffrey Margolies
Frances McNeal
Jim Riesenbach
Brian Rothenberg
Crystle Roye-Gill
Philip N. Russo
Robin Shapiro
Joel Smith
Rachel Vance
Jeannine Webber
James Whitton

Chair Emeriti and Honorary Trustees 

Peter A. Benoliel, Chair Emeritus
Richard L. Smoot, Chair Emeritus
Barrie Trimingham, Chair Emeritus
Joseph W. Waz, Jr., Chair Emeritus
Libby Harwitz, Honorary Vice President
Andrea Baldeck, Honorary Trustee
Joseph M. Field, Honorary Trustee
Carole Gravagno, Honorary Trustee
Steven N. Haas, Honorary Trustee
Don Haskin, Honorary Trustee
Bruce Rosenfield, Of Counsel


Branch Boards