Early Childhood

Children's Music Workshop
Inspiring Young Minds

Our structured learning and play aims to promote inquisitiveness, creativity, positive socialization, and general learning readiness. We believe that learning to play an instrument or sing inspires confidence, encourages persistence and responsibility, and ignites creativity. That’s why we provide instruction for children as young as six months.

Children's Music Playshop class
Children’s Music Playshop
Encouraging Creativity in our Youngest Learners!

Structured as a music class for parents/caregivers and children ages 6 months to 3 years, Music Playshop offers creative and rhythmic movement, beginning folk dance, and playful games with rhymes and sounds.

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“As a full time working mom, I look forward to Playshop every Saturday because it gives me the opportunity to bond with my daughter while participating in engaging music and movement activities.”
Sally Weiss, Children’s Music Playshop parent

Children's Music Workshop
Children’s Music Workshop
Building Confidence through Music and Movement

For children ages 3 to 4, the focus is on gaining independence and competence with basic music and movement skills, forming their own music-making community, and exploring learning concepts in greater depth. For children ages 4 and older, the focus is on developing beginning theory skills, ear training, notation, and musical development through singing, creative expression, and body movement, and beginning ensemble work using specially designed percussion instruments.

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Early Childhood Faculty

At the heart of our programming is our highly credentialed and dedicated faculty. They bring years of professional experience to the classroom, customizing their approach to provide exceptional training for every student.

Settlement Faculty Member Greg Tsafos
Greg Tsafos

Associate Staff Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Music Education Pathways, Baritone/Horn/Euphonium, French Horn, Children's Music Playshop, Children's Music Workshop Music