Group Beginning Instruction 

For ages 6 through 12, students participate in a one-hour weekly lesson with peers. This class is an alternative to Individual Instruction in the first year of study and prepares students with the necessary musical knowledge to enter into Individual Instruction in their second year of study. In groups of six to eight students (four for piano), students learn to play an instrument in a supportive and dynamic environment that emphasizes technique, musicianship, note-reading and ensemble playing.

All students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Musicianship (music theory and ear training, age 9 and older) or Children’s Music Workshop (ages 3-9) as an important complement to their Individual or Group Beginning Instruction.


Suzuki Program

World famous method for beginning study that emphasizes the same skills that young children need to learn language – listening, repetition, encouragement, and adult involvement. All teachers are specially trained in method. Participation of one parent/guardian is required of all students. This program is available to students between the ages of 4 and 8 for cello, guitar (starts at age 5), piano, and violin.  Recitals and Play-ins, scheduled periodically throughout the year, will supplement lessons and classes.

Tuition: $640 for 32-weeks


Advanced Music Workshop 

Intermediate theory skills, with strong emphasis on ear training, rhythm, movement, and ensemble skills for students age 8 and 9.  Includes improvisation, composition, and performances of elemental chamber music pieces.

$310 for students enrolled in additional instruction/classes
$590 if only class registered



Students between the ages of 12 and 18 learn to compose original music focusing on three areas: melodic development, accompaniment, and instrumentation and arrangement.

Tuition: $595



Essential to music instruction, Musicianship offers theory and ear training to students between the ages of 9 and 18 at all experience levels. Students receive a comprehensive education in the fundamentals that includes notation, scales, intervals, triads, musical terminology, transposition, harmony, and counterpoint which assists them in all of their musical studies.

$300 for students enrolled in additional instruction/classes
$600 if only class registered


Music Technology and Production 

Explore the latest techniques in digital production of music, elements of music composition, and songwriting using Apple Logic Pro and GarageBand. For students age 12 through 18.

Tuition: $465 for 16 weeks


Click here to access the virtual learning activities for BANG! (Music Production with Smartphones).


Each week, students will gain basic musical skills and work towards singing and accompanying themselves on the ukulele, xylophone, and other instruments. In addition, students will learn how to tune the instrument and use different strumming techniques. Whether playing by yourself or in a group, ukulele is a versatile instrument that crosses genres and musical traditions. Learn the fundamentals of music through songs, chords, and styles found in music ranging from Hawaiian to pop.

Tuition: $310 for 15 weeks