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Emphasizing proper body alignment, healthy physical development, and the integration of music and dance, our dance programs are designed specifically for children ages 3 to 18. As our students progress, they will follow a carefully developed, sequential course of study that includes performance opportunities in ballet, modern, jazz, and more. Through a collaborative, supportive, and individualized process, our expert faculty encourage children of all ages to add the joy of dance to their lives.

Creative Movement 

Young children (ages 3 to 5) will engage their imaginations and curiosity in fun and exciting movement activities that will help them develop physically, emotionally, and socially. Classes arranged according to level and age. 


The foundation of many dance styles, this beautiful and demanding technique is beneficial to all students. We offer a complete program of classical pre-ballet and ballet technique and style for students ages 6 to 18. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes offered.


Combining many dance styles, modern dance explores body movement through space and time, expression, interpretation of music, breathing, and balance for students ages 10 to 18. Classes arranged according to level and age.


Jazz dance combines many dance styles and techniques. Emphasizing movement with proper technique and alignment, students learn basic jazz dance techniques set to the music of jazz, pop, and R&B.

Rhythm in Motion 

Rhythm in Motion is designed to include dance technique from West-African, Street Jazz, Hip-Hop, and STEP to introduce the moving body as a musical instrument. The classes will incorporate beginner technique through rhythm, musicality, and choreography. This class is perfect for dancers who are looking for an energetic movement experience and for those who cannot stop tapping their feet when they hear music. No prior experience necessary.

Dance faculty member Amanda Hill walks us through the first five ballets positions while telling us a bit about her career as a student, teacher, and dancer in this episode of Settlement 101.

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Learn from professional dancers who bring decades of performance and teaching experience to the Settlement classroom.

Settlement Faculty Member Kaye Fernandez
Kaye N. Fernandez

Staff Kaleidoscope Pre-K (Dance) Dance, Early Childhood

Daniella Brown

Regular Dance

Student Progress Reports

At Settlement, our highly credentialed team of faculty and therapists are dedicated to providing you or your child with an exceptional education in the arts. We know that mastering the skills that come with learning a new instrument or playing in an ensemble takes time. That is why we actively track your progress along with you to make sure we are giving you the best possible customized approach to learning.  Settlement Progress Reports monitor the whole student through assessments in motivation, preparation, engagement, collaboration, technical skills, and more.