Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors! Thank you for brightening the halls of all our Settlement Branches. It has been an inspiration to watch you all learn and grow in our lessons, classes, and ensembles, and we can’t wait to hear about your next adventures!

**If you are a graduating senior and your name or school is not listed, let us know so we can share!



Jessica Penrose, Penn State
Janai Afflick, Philadelphia Community College
Jonah Eckert, Kutztown University
Nina Moody, Hampton College
Uma Padmanabhan, Penn State
Emily Kratchman, American University


Yan Jia Chen, University of Pittsburgh
Evan Yeung, Penn State Abington

Mary Louise Curtis

Anwar Williams, Temple University
Raphael Englander, University of Pennsylvania
Semaja Murphy, Temple University
Megan Grogan, DeSales University
Kippi Hall, Penn State
Emily Samuel
Grace Ye, University of Pennsylvania
Alexander Artom-Ginzburg, University of the Arts
Denise Sanchez, University of Pennsylvania

Willow Grove

Junhao Chen, Indiana University
Teryn Huff, Dickinson College
Elena Shaffer, Lycoming College
Adriana Fernandez, Villanova
Karis Dharmawirya, Cincinatti Conservatory of Music
Anagha Kapsi, Peabody Conservatory
Jack Gorovitz, Purdue University
Amy Jung, Vanderbilt University
Rebecca Krull, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Alyssa Morrell
Maggie Tierney
Annabelle Johnson, Penn State
Grant Kane
Miriam Coe
Sarah Kideckel, University of Rochester
Nailah Beach, Thomas Jefferson University


Ben Pederson, Julliard
Katie Neary, Esther Boyer
Camber Beauchamp, SUNY Fredonia
Chandric Lee, University of Pennsylvania
Ahmad Stovall, Swarthmore

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Jessie Spindler