Leonard Mellman Remembered

Leonard Mellman

Dear Members of the Settlement Family,

I am very sorry to share the news that Leonard Mellman, Vice President Emeritus of Settlement Music School, died Saturday at the Abramson Rehabilitation Center in North Wales after complications following a fall. Leonard was 96 years old.

As long as I have been fortunate enough to be part of the Settlement family, Leonard, and his family, have been steadfast, present, committed, and extraordinarily inspiring. Leonard’s history with the School goes back many decades before I joined, starting even before he began studying at Settlement in the 1930s, with his mother, who took singing lessons, and then with many members of his numerous family coming to Settlement for their arts education. His sister Leah Mellman Bowes, alumna of the Curtis Institute of Music, now serving on the Mary Louise Curtis Branch Board, became a concert pianist. His sister Sharlyn Mellman Weitz served for many years on the Jenkintown and then Willow Grove Branch Boards.

Leonard forged a highly successful career in real estate, and in the 1970s came back to his beloved Settlement Music School as a Board member. His advice and counsel has been extraordinary through the years, as has his personal generosity. Most, if not all, of you receiving this email have spent time in the Mellman Conference Room in our Administrative Offices or attended meetings or concerts in the beautiful Mellman Recital Hall at our Willow Grove Branch.

I am so grateful that Leonard allowed us to film him on two separate occasions – once, for a reflection on Settlement through the eyes of some of our Board members and alumni who had been involved with Settlement for more than 50 years, and again, when we honored him in 2018 at our Anniversary Gala celebrating alumni. In these videos, you will see the wit, kindness, and compassion of this true gentleman who meant so much to so many of us here at Settlement, and everywhere he made his mark.

Leonard is survived by his husband and partner of more than 55 years, Matthew Cunniff. Condolences may be sent to their home at 220 W. Rittenhouse Square #22C, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Funeral services will be for the immediate family. Click here for more information and to share memories.

Helen Eaton
CEO, Settlement Music School