Music Production with Smartphones

Part 1: The Beat

Robby Webb walks us through creating a basic drumbeat on Bandlab. In this video we’ll learn how to:

  1. Create a drum track.
  2. Add notes to step sequencer.
  3. Adjust tempo control and work the playback.
  4. Adjust the loop length.

Assignment – Make your own drumbeat!

Part 2: Basic Mixing

Robby Webb is back to give us an introduction to basic level mixing in Bandlab. In this video we’ll learn about:

  1. Using the loop function.
  2. Gain staging.
  3. Getting levels.
  4. Panning.

Assignment – Use faders to remix the levels of the track using the previously made drumbeat!

Part 3: The Bass

Sebastian Goodridge walks us through how to create a bass line in Bandlab. We’ll talk about:

  1. Understanding the value of bass in a song.
  2. The relationship between the bass track and the drum track.

Assignment – Develope a bass line!


Part 4: Chords

Sebastian Goodridge walks us through setting up chords on Bandlab. We’ll talk about:

  1. Understanding the functionality of chords.
  2. Understanding the relationship between chords and the bass line.

Assignment – Using the previously modified drum track, begin adding chords. Be sure to mix and adjust levels for optimal sound!

Part 5: Recording Audio

Sebastian Goodridge shows us how to record audio on Bandlab. We’ll learn to:

  1. Incorporate audio recording using your smartphone.
  2. Setup an audio track.
  3. Record sound.

Part 6: Lead Instruments

Robby Webb talks about lead instruments on Bandlab. We’ll learn to:

  1. Add a lead instrument to the project.
  2. Record lead instruments via on-screen keyboard.
  3. Edit instruments via midi editor.

Part 7: Adding Effects

Robby Webb shows us what effects are and how to use them in a Bandlab project.

Part 8: Arranging Form

Sebastian Goodridge talks about song form.

Part 9: Arranging Form Continued

Sebastian Goodridge delves deeper into putting together your own songs.

Robby Webb shows us how to share and export projects in Bandlab.

Putting It Together

Create a new work from laying the drum track through the chords and compare it to your first project. What is different?  What do you like better?  What fueled your decision pattern for your 2nd project that was different than the first?

Please send any questions or comments to Director of Education, Karin Orenstein at