Daniella is a body-based psychotherapist who believes in the power of movement and the healing that it brings to people all over the world. Movement has a way of revealing the unknown about our mind and body, leading us to self-discovery. Finding dance/movement therapy changed Daniella’s life and she is committed to providing therapeutic relief through the connection of the mind and body. Daniella traveled to Nicaragua and Dhrangahra, India to study dance as a spiritual and therapeutic art form. This experience led her to study Dance/Movement Therapy at Pratt Institute and become a Creative Arts Therapist. Daniella Brown is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association. Daniella is an advocate for neurodiversity acceptance, safe spaces for children with sensory-sensitivities and the uplifting of various communities through arts integration.

Credentials: MS, R-DMT

Education: Temple University -BA Sociology Pratt Institute MS Dance/Movement Therapy

Specialties: Dance/Movement Therapy

Divisions: Kardon Center for Creative Arts Therapy

Credentials: MS, R-DMT