Born in Iran, Negar Ghasemi is a Philadelphia-based pianist, composer, and educator, pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Temple University under the mentorship of Sara Davis Buechner. Prior to her undergraduate studies, she studied with faculties from Temple University Music Preparatory Program and Settlement Music School, and alumnus of Juilliard. Her major piano teachers in the United States include Kayoko Segawa, Meng Hao, and Emiko Edwards. She has also been a clarinet player, studying with Sean Bailey and Jon Katz. In the performance field, she has been active mostly as an accompanist, formerly serving the dance department at Boyer College of Music and dance as well. A major part of her musicianship is dedicated to teaching, with the goal to employ new perspectives, primarily focused on psychology, to help the students integrate their identity with music, and shape a personal, independent, and healthy relationship with the instrument. She has been active, teaching students from different levels and different ages. As a part of her passion for teaching, she has provided online lessons for students in Iran and held workshops for them within the country too. In addition to performance and teaching, she has activities in composition as a freelancer.

Education: Pursuing Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Temple University

Specialties: Piano

Divisions: Music