Raina Welch is a classically trained vocalist with experience performing across genres and teaching privately since 2018. She attended Long Island University, Brooklyn for a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music and Temple University for a Master of Music in Voice Performance. In addition to her formal education centered around operatic studies, her personal music interests are geared toward contemporary genres including Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, and Pop. Raina is adamant that classical singing technique is useful across all realms of singing, especially when it comes to exploring one’s capabilities and maintaining vocal health! Her teaching philosophy is that one’s instrument is best learned independently of style, leaving it up to the vocalist to apply what’s been learned to their own sense of artistic expression. In tandem with customizing lessons according to individual goals and preferences, it brings Raina great joy to support her students in developing their sense of autonomy as they gain confidence, understand their potential, and build upon their overall musicianship.

Education: Brooklyn Long Island University, BA in Applied Music and Temple University, MM in Voice Performance

Specialties: Kaleidoscope Plus, Voice

Divisions: Early Childhood