“Settlement is a safe space to explore music and enjoy growing with other musicians.” Bedley Reid, age 35

“The arts are great. This has been very fun and I think I should do it again. I can control my voice more, but more importantly, I feel for the people around me (they can sing well!)“ Selene, age 11

“Settlement means a lot of people teach music.” Camila, age 5

“This has been fun. I can sing Hebrew now from Sheru. I think kids should come here more to sing. This is what I believe. 10/10 fun and nice. May you live in peace and joy. May you be surrounded in love. May your days be long, seasoned with song. May you live in peace and joy. This is in favor of Ms. Anderson. Say Hi to Ms. Anderson. Please say it is from Selene. She is leaving us (retiring). I will miss her. I feel like crying because she is leaving. Whaaa. I do want cocoleta but 90% of this is because Ms. Anderson is leaving us. She is retiring. Please say hi to Ms. Anderson for me if you know her. Peace.” Selene, age 11

“Settlement means a family and a safe place for me to relax with music, dance, and singing!” Settlement Student

“I study at Settlement because I love playing chamber music.” Sebastian, age 17

“Settlement means a place where I can sing freely. It makes me happy and it feels nice to meet and sing with new friends. It was perfect, it was fun. I met people I didn’t know and now we are friends.” Selene, age 11

“When I started I was weak and now, thanks to Settlement, I have made friends and I was in a play.” Celeste, age 11

“I’ve grown around classical music my whole life, and Settlement has provided a way for me to grow as a human and a musician." Samuel, age 13

“I studied at Settlement as a child and restarted as an adult. I would not have improved without teacher Adam Berenstein.” Joseph Court

“My dad’s group practiced at Settlement for decades and my teacher, Michael Caruso has been with me since I was a little boy, playing my first notes.” Andrew Weimken, age 36