“The arts are an essence of life, and life would not be the same without them. My individual performance/production interests are guitar and vocal music, as well as poetry, but my life and relationships are constantly enhanced by musical theatre, orchestra, plays, dance, and visual arts. It would be a bland existence indeed without the arts.” Susan Harkness Regli

“The arts impact me because they are beautiful.” Michael, age 11

“The arts mean creativity. Paints color in life.” Shelly

“My life would be flat and grey without art and especially music. I don’t know what I would do with myself without piano, honestly.” Andrew Weimken, age 36

“Settlement is a place where I can express my love of music.” Kenning, age 10

“The arts give me a chance to express myself in a way that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.” Jeffrey, age 16

“Honestly, listening to and playing music is what makes life worth living.” Bedley Reid, age 35

“The arts relax me.” Alice, age 9

“The arts impact me in a way that I can’t explain.” Fa’him, age 12

“The arts act as a creative and expressive outlet for me and have shaped me into the person I am and will be.” Sebastian, age 17

“Settlement provides a healthy and productive way of using time and energy.” Jake

“Settlement means a chance to take my lifelong hobby seriously and engage more with it. It’s great to be able to perform and study.” Andrew Weimken, age 36

“Settlement is a safe space to explore music and enjoy growing with other musicians.” Bedley Reid, age 35

“This program has impacted my child’s life greatly in a positive way.” Kamilya Blackwell

“The Settlement is important me because it’s a place where I can come and explore my creativity.” Gavin

“The arts impact me because I like to hear music now and I think to the tones and keys of it.” Daniel, age 12

“Settlement means art and music.” Michael, age 11

“The arts make life more beautiful” Zahira

“I love the arts because they are very beautiful and majestic.” Raphael, age 11

“Music comes naturally to me and I have always seen the arts as a way to fully express myself.” Dermott, age 17

“I study at Settlement because I just love playing piano.” Zack, age 7

“Art is the craft of self-expression. Art makes me happy.” Luigi, age 4

“I study at Settlement because I’ve always wanted to learn what music felt like to perform. I am particularly interested in rhythm. When I play the drums, I enjoy beating the faster tempos. I also aspire to play the guitar someday soon.” Aurora, age 6

“Settlement means music and much more.” Srujanika, age 7

“The arts make my life full of music!” Mouloude, age 8

“The arts provide a productive way of appreciating life and spending time and energy.” Jake

“The arts help my children develop an appreciation for any talent or skill, and the hard work and problem-solving that goes into success.” Matthew Courtin

“The arts make me feel good, like when I play piano.” Luna, age 6

“Settlement makes me happy and makes me have confidence.” Logan, age 7

“Settlement means a place of reunion, spiritually, through music, and a nurturing environment of continually growing.” Anna, age 16

“Music is a relaxant for me.” Spiros Mancoridis, age 53

“Music has taught me so much about the world and myself. Sometimes I really think the love I have for music taught me the love I can have for myself and others.” Anna, age 16

“The arts are a way for me to be grateful.” Cashmere, age 8

“The arts make me feel accomplished.” Kaden, age 11

“The arts help me in the moment.” Sebastian, age 8

“Settlement means a place of reunion, spiritually, through music, and a nurturing environment of continually growing.” Anna, age 16

“Settlement means good quality music and musicians!” Shaswati

“Settlement means a lot to me. I have been here for three years and it has been really meaningful.” Bela, age 13

“Settlement means like a lot to me - every time when I walk in the sweet sounds of music just surround me!” Zack, age 7