“Settlement means a place of reunion, spiritually, through music, and a nurturing environment of continually growing.” Anna, age 16

“The arts help me learn.” Sauna, age 11

“The arts help me thrive.” Christian, age 10

“I’ve grown around classical music my whole life, and Settlement has provided a way for me to grow as a human and a musician.” Samuel, age 13

“Settlement means learning new things and getting better at music.” Jane, age 8

“The arts impact me to learn new things.” Jane, age 8

“We study at Settlement because I want to improve my child’s skill in the arts." Kamilya Blackwell

“Settlement means learning new things.” Andrea, age 12

“The arts make me a better dancer and a better person.” Nathari, age 12

“The arts make me talented.” Nathari, age 12

“The arts help my children learn a new activity.” Hanen Adhari

“Settlement is a place for building your skills.” Tommy

“The arts impact me for advancement.” Tommy

“Settlement means an opportunity to further my musical journey and a chance to reach my goals.” Jeffrey, age 16

“We study at Settlement because my daughter enjoys music and I want to help her cultivate that appreciation and hobby.” Jake Wemkes

“Settlement provides a healthy and productive way of using time and energy.” Jake Wemkes

“The arts allow me to expand my life and be creative and work in my life.” Joseph

“Settlement means to me, learning something new.” Vivian, age 8

“The arts have taught me to appreciate music.” Vivian, age 8

“I study Settlement because I learn new stuff like ballet.” Aminah, age 9

“Settlement means a lot because I have been learning at Settlement ever since I was 2 ½.” Aminah, age 9

“The arts help me get better at music.” Kenning, age 10

“The arts help me find a talent.” Sophia, age 9

“I study at Settlement to learn more about music and get better at the violin.” Ian, age 14

“I chose Settlement because want to compose music as a career and I feel that it is important to have some level of prior knowledge before I continue my studies in college.” Dermott, age 17

“The arts have given me opportunities that I would not get otherwise.” Bela, age 13

“I study at Settlement because I want to profession piano… to be a pianist!” Philip, age 10

“I study at Settlement because. I’ve always wanted to learn what music felt like to perform. I am particularly interested in rhythm. When I play the drums, I enjoy beating the faster tempos. I also aspire to play the guitar someday soon.” Aurora, age 6

“I am particularly excited when performing music. Music makes me feel uplifted in a way that nothing else can. It makes me want to get up and move and dance to the beat. I love music!“ Aurora, age 6

“Settlement means personal attention, care and excellent instruction.” Erika Loberbey

“The arts are great. This has been very fun and I think I should do it again. I can control my voice more, but more importantly, I feel for for the people around me (they can sing well!)” Selene, age 11

“I might be young, but I am still a part of this. I love being here. My teacher is amazing and the people that sing are so nice and talented, even though some of them are a little younger than me. I know I am just a small kid but I want everyone to know that I have not just learned here, I have lived and grown here. This is where I can belong. This is me. I am only 35% doing this for the candy. This is also for my friends, Mrs. Maza and, of course, Mrs. Anderson. PS Huge chocolate fan.” Celeste, age 11

“Settlement is a place where kids get to learn music.” Mouloude, age 8