“I am studying at Settlement because I am returning to singing with groups after a long hiatus and I have started taking voice lessons to get my voice and reading skills back in shape. In the future I might also consider taking lessons in other instruments because I will soon have more time as my children go off to college, and I adore making music.” Susan Harkness Regli

“Settlement means good quality music as well as musicians” Shaswati Chaki

“My dad’s group practiced at Settlement for decades and my teacher, Michael Caruso has been with me since I was a little boy, playing my first notes.” Andrew Weimken, age 36

“Settlement means good quality music and musicians!” Shaswati

“Settlement means tradition, community, appreciation of culture and art.” Wendy

“Settlement is great to me.” Ricellia, age 9

“I study at Settlement because I wanted to learn how to play the piano so I could play classical songs.” Jaden, age 10

“I study at Settlement because I wanted to learn more about piano and I thought this would be a good place.” Logan, age 7

“My son and daughter have been studying at Settlement since a young age. They really like it.” Tommy Chau

“I’ve grown around classical music my whole life, and Settlement has provided a way for me to grow as a human and a musician.” Samuel, age 13

“Settlement has a history of excellent teaching.” Joseph

“Settlement has a love for the arts which inspires those who attend.” Stephanie

“Settlement is a place of music and learning that is for all ages to experience.” Luke, age 14

“I study at Settlement because it is the best place to study music.” Alice, age 9

“My husband took lessons at Settlement during high school and went on to play his way through school in quartets.” Wendy Roth

“Settlement offers, an opportunity, as parents, to provide a musical education to our children.” Zahira Navarrose

“Settlement means a lot because I have been learning at Settlement ever since I was 2 ½.” Aminah, age 9

“Settlement is the place I learn music.” Isabella, age 7

“Settlement teaches me piano.” Isabella, age 7

“Settlement means musical arts.” Conor, age 10

“My family has a history of excellent instruction at Settlement.” Erika Loperbey

“I study at Settlement because I wanted to make music for my family.” Mouloude, age 8