“Settlement is an amazing institution in the education it provides to everyone, as well as the special work done to bring music education to people (especially children) who might not otherwise have access to it. My husband, kids, and I all take lessons at Settlement, so it is a family resource for enhancing the extremely important influence of music in our life. My experience in my own lessons is that my teacher meets me where I want to be, as an adult learner, rather than forcing me into a mold. That has made all the difference for my engagement in practice.” Susan Harkness Regli

“Settlement means a chance to take my lifelong hobby seriously and engage more with it. It’s great to be able to perform and study.” Andrew Weimken, age 36

“I chose Settlement because wanted to continue my music study as an adult and learn jazz, which is a new style for me.” Bedley Reid, age 35

“I study at Settlement because I want to learn other instruments and expand my knowledge.” Ryan, age 15

“Settlement means a lot because I’ve been here for over 4 years and learned a lot.” Ryan, age 15

“I learned my first instrument at Settlement, so I am very impacted by the arts!” Ryan, age 15

“To me, Settlement is a place of personal and musical growth and opportunity.” Sebastian, age 17

“Settlement means the opportunity to study.” Amal, age 8 (I’m turning 9 on May 31)

“Settlement means fun with instruments such as the marimba, the xylophone, and the drums. Settlement gives me the opportunity to explore all diverse types of music.” Aurora, age 6