“Settlement is like a second home to me.” Vlada, age 12

“Settlement makes me confident and happy.” Ellie, age 5

“Settlement Music helped my child deal with life trauma.” Kamilya Blackwell

“Settlement means a lot because I have been learning at Settlement ever since I was 2 ½.” Aminah, age 9

“Settlement means a lot to me. I have been here for three years and it has been really meaningful” Bela, age 13

“Settlement means like a lot to me - every time when I walk in the sweet sounds of music just surround me!” Zack, age 7

“I study at Settlement to hear the singers sing with joy and confidence and because it is beautiful. To get to know singing as a language. To sing with the singers. To sing myself with joy and confidence.” Selene, age 11

“Settlement means music and much more” Srujanika, age 7