Community Partnerships

Our goal is to create the program that best supports your goals and vision. 

Our community partnership programs are built upon strong working relationships with the leadership and, when available, music staff onsite at our partner organizations.  Ensuring expertly tailored in-person and virtual programs for our partners, Settlement’s administrators are adept and experienced at assessing our partners’ needs and then designing programs in collaboration with key organizational stakeholders.

To serve an elementary school that wants to provide pro-social, confidence and grit-building experiences for its students, we may implement an engaging ensemble-learning experience with a band, orchestra, or choir.  These types of performing groups support a positive school culture and instill a lasting sense of pride in participants. Additionally, we have a history of successful partnerships where we have responded to specialized interests and very specific needs with classes like Music Technology, Jazz Improvisation, Chamber Music, and Hip Hop Dance.  Our extraordinary early childhood teachers work closely with preschools and daycares to provide first exposure general music instruction, as well as serving as teacher trainers. Our team of creative arts therapists work with a wide variety of special needs populations to improve their lives.

Of course, we have faculty who specialize in -and take great joy in working with- adults. Some of our most popular adult programs include choirs and orchestras, as well as classes offered at private companies, social clubs, and retirement communities.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the specific needs of your institution and how our dedicated faculty and outstanding resources can help you achieve your goals.

Examples of Settlement’s virtual partnership offerings 

Hearing First

Settlement Music School recently partnered with Hearing First to offer virtual music education classes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing across the globe. The learning experience provided parents and professionals an overview of the role that music plays in the listening and spoken language development of children with hearing loss. Through this partnership, Settlement hosted a “Discovering and Exploring Musical Play” webinar and subsequent classes in the Spring and Summer of 2020.

Music Production with Smartphones 

Offered in partnership with Drexel University’s Young Dragon program, Settlement faculty members taught students how to make beats and songs using only their phones. These classes showed students how to create drum tracks, manipulate sounds, export songs to share, and more, all on their phones.


Summer Movement and Percussion Classes for KIPP Public Charter Schools 

Settlement provided live and pre-recorded online movement and percussion classes on a weekly basis to KIPP students between the ages of 6 and 10.

Sample programs for infants, children, teens and adults

Early Childhood

Children make music, play games, and have a great time, all while developing physical and emotional skills that promote curiosity, creativity, and positive socialization.

Children’s Music Playshop
(Children age 6 months to 3 years and caregivers)

Children’s Music Workshop
(Ages 3 to 8)

Creative Movement
(Ages 3 to 5)

Children and Youth

Group Instruction
(Ages 6 to 18)

In groups of 6-10, students learn to play an instrument in a supportive and dynamic environment that emphasizes technique, musicianship, note reading and ensemble playing. Open to nearly all instruments, and classes are arranges according to students’ ages.

Orchestra, Band, Rock Band, Jazz Ensemble, Choir
(Ages 10 to 18)

Settlement partners with schools, social services institutions, community centers, etc. to offer ensemble programs for a variety of ages and ability levels. Offerings include: concert band, orchestra, choir, jazz band, rock band, musicianship, guitar ensemble, percussion ensemble, and many more!

Music Technology
(Ages 12 and older)

Students explore the latest techniques in digital production of music, elements of music composition, and song writing using Apple Logic Pro software. This hands-on course introduces the production and engineering of digital audio recording.

(Ages 4 to 18)

Settlement’s Dance Program provides study in Creative Movement, Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop Dance. Offering boys and girls the opportunity for physical and artistic expression, and pre-professional training, the program emphasizes proper body alignment, healthy physical development and the integration of music and dance.


Settlement provides programming for all ages, and so we are proud to offer a variety of adult ensembles, including choir, rock band, drumming and many more. Settlement’s renowned adult chamber music program offers the opportunity for adults to continue making music together at a high level for their entire lifetimes.

Creative Aging

Settlement’s programs for seniors create community, promote health and wellness, and inspire lifelong learning. Offerings include musical history and musical exploration, community choir and much more.

Kardon Center for Arts Therapy
(Diverse Needs, All Ages)

Creative Arts Therapy is a form of non-verbal psychotherapy using the senses to open new channels of communication between participants and their therapists, families, and communities. Participants explore personal feelings through music, art, and movement. Creative Arts Therapy uses the arts in order to achieve therapeutic goals.

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Karin Orenstein 
Director of Education 

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