Teacher Training Institute for the Arts

Teachers participate in the Teaching Training Institute for the Arts
Teacher Training Institute for the Arts

Settlement’s Teacher Training Institute for the Arts provides pre-school and elementary school teachers, as well as early childhood professionals, with supplemental training necessary to deliver quality arts instruction to children ages three to 10. To date, TTIA has provided training to more than 3,000 early childhood teachers, care providers, and families.

TTIA is approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide mandated training for all licensed and regulated child care staff, as well as Act 48 credit hours for all certified teachers. The Teacher Training Institute for the Arts is a member of the New Jersey Registry for Childhood Professionals and the Professional Development Provider Division of the New Jersey Department of Education.

TTIA offers an educator-mentoring program focused on bringing early learning standards into classrooms. Through workshop attendance, observation of Settlement’s Kaleidoscope Pre-School Program, and a series of on-site visits from a TTIA trainer, individual educators receive guidance to implement creative arts concepts that promote school readiness goals.

Educators who participate in the mentoring program receive technical assistance, a list of recommended creative arts materials based on the needs of the site, personalized support and supervision in the implementation of curriculum ideas, and lesson planning.

TTIA Contact Information:

Tarrell Davis 
Director of Early Childhood Programs

George Alley
Coordinator, Teacher Training Institute for the Arts